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Starting the New Year off right - 3 ways to stick to resolutions made

Happy 2023! The beginning of a New Year is always so exciting. It is a time to reflect within and decide if there's anything you would like to improve upon.

A common theme among individuals is setting resolutions or goals for themselves to stick through during the year. Most often, these resolutions relate to health and wellness.

Creating resolutions and sticking to them are two different endeavours. It's easy to come up with numerous ways you can change small habits and enhance your quality of life. When it comes to sticking to those ways for longer than a month... that is sometimes when the real battle begins.

Here are 3 ways that can make sticking to your resolutions just a little bit easier.

1. Quality Over Quantity

When writing your resolutions out, consider making one or two goals vs five or six.

When you set out a lot of goals for yourself, it can become overwhelming and it is easier to become discouraged.

2. Have a Good Support System

When in the process of reaching a goal, having a good support system is a vital part in succeeding. Having people you can lean on when you are lacking motivation will help if you ever need that extra push.

3. Be Specific

Instead of saying you want to begin living a healthier lifestyle, start with making a goal of adding more vegetables into your diet - for instance.

When you have specific goals, it makes you less likely to stray from them.

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